• Tampa Cuban sandwich
  • Jibarito sandwich
  • Barbie frappe

Twisted Taino Frappe Bar & Grill

Meet The Team

Twisted Taino Restaurant, LLC is a family-owned and operated business. The Melendez brothers had started the Melendez Latin Grill back in 2010 and ran the kitchen inside Club Exquisite located in the East Bank of the Flats. In 2016 Chef Jose Melendez along with his wife Cristina founded Melendez Catering Services and still operating to date. Omar focused on his photography career since 2018 and is still operating to date.

2020, both brothers unite once again to bring Twisted Taino Restaurants to the Cleveland Scene, opening its first location as a Quick Service Restaurant at 1400 W.25th St. Cleveland, Ohio sharing space with award winners Sauce the City and set to open doors on August 3rd, 2020.

Partners / Executive Chefs

Also, owners & operators of Melendez Catering Services, continue the trend of a Modern Take on Traditional Flavors from the Caribbean and Latin America. Together they have brought a new life to the Latin-Fused Cuisine to Cleveland. They have been highlighted in the Cleveland Chain Reaction Season. They promise to bring something fun and twisted to the dishes that everyone loves. So, get ready to GET TWISTED!!

Partner / Manager

An enthusiastic Professional Photographer, has built his photography business Omar's Naked Eye Photography from the ground up. Together with his wife Lia has been working towards building the Twisted Taino Brand to a bigger concept that would include apparel, jewelry, and more. Omar will be taking the Full-Time Management position at the West 25th location while Chef Melendez will be taking over the Parma Location once is built.


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